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每个涉及sets their own charges, so to find out the cost of counselling in your area, pleasecontact your local Relate

We also have a network of individual counsellors who work in private practice, but are licensed by Relate - they set their own fees too. When you contact them, they will provide you with information about their own charges.





That’s why, whatever you’re coming about, we’ll decide together if Relate is the best place to be at the moment or whether another resource might be more appropriate.

Can we use counselling to help with separation?

是的。Counselling is a very effective way of negotiating a separation or a divorce. It can help you to process any emotions that you might be struggling to deal with, or bring the relationship to a conclusion with as little pain or misunderstanding as possible.

Do you see gay couples?

是的。We don't discriminate between different types of relationship. We welcome all individuals and couples irrespective of how they identify in terms of sexuality or gender.

Doesn't asking for counselling mean admitting failure?

No. Counselling doesn't mean you're admitting failure. It simply means you're willing to work on your relationship and put in the effort to deal with any issues that might be in the way. In many cases, counselling means beginning not to fail.

How can Sex Therapy help me?

Sex therapy is very successful in helping people to re-establish an active sex life. Working with a Relate sex therapist will help you to recognise any difficulties you're having and find a way to move on from them. Many people are surprised at how effective Sex Therapy is.

What happens at a Sex Therapy session?

性治疗you and your therapist work on the issues you need help with. Your therapist will design a programme of exercises especially for you, which you'll carry out in the privacy of your own home. At each session, the therapist will talk to you about how you're getting on and discuss the best next steps. You will never be asked to undertake any sexual tasks during the sessions.


You will normally be expected to pay a fee to cover the cost of your Sex Therapy sessions. Many Relate Centres offer reduced rates depending on your household income. Please contact你的当地相关要了解他们提供的付款方式。


We work with every client differently, so how long therapy takes depends on your specific needs. Sessions are usually weekly and therapists always work at your pace, so you'll never feel rushed.


Mediationis sometimes described as 'a way of having a difficult conversation'. It's a highly effective way of coming to agreements if you and your partner have decided to separate and need help making arrangements about things like childcare and finances. Mediation is a collaborative process designed to help you come to agreements without arguing or feeling like you aren't being listened to.

How can Mediation help me?

中介everyon创建一个安全的环境e gets to have their say and no-one's opinion is more important than anyone else's. It can help you to talk things over properly at a time when you might be finding it hard to make decisions or discuss things constructively.

What happens at a Mediation session?



You will normally be expected to pay a fee to cover the cost of sessions. Many Relate Centres have a contract with theLegal Aid Agency如果客户有资格,他们使他们能够提供公共资助的调解。不符合资金资格的客户支付费用,但是Mediationgenerally costs far less than an often lengthy and costly court battle.

What is WebChat?

WebChatallows you to talk to a qualified Relate counsellor online, in real time and for up to 30 minutes. The service costs £30.

What happens in a Live Chat session?

Once you have made payment, you'll be directed to registration where we'll take some personal information and then you'll be connected with a counsellor. They'll chat to you about any issues you’d like help with and make suggestions about further support you can access.

What is a Relate Workshop?

We run a variety ofEducation and Training Workshopsfor the public, voluntary and public sector organisations, schools and businesses. We believe that relationship skills can be learned and developed - and that doing so is an important part of fostering happy and healthy relationships in people's lives and careers.

What happens at a Relate Workshop?

你将一起在sim 12人ilar life stage. Course materials are based on modern adult learning principles. During the course you may take part in group discussions, case studies, questionnaires, games. Some courses for professionals include role play in order to practise essential skills.




If you have a worry or query about aspects of your relationship or sex life but would prefer not to come in for face-to-face counselling, you can exchange a series of messages with one of our trained counsellors.

What does Message a Counsellor involve?



你打电话给我们booking lineand arrange a specific time for your counsellor to phone back, including during evenings and weekends. You can agree on whether you're happy for them to leave a message or, if someone else picks up, say that they're calling from Relate. You'll then have the chance to discuss any issues you'd like help with. If you would like to book another appointment, you can agree a date and time with your counsellor at the end of the call.

What if I miss your phone call for Telephone Counselling?

If the counsellor calls at the agreed time and date and there is either no answer on the telephone no(s) provided or you indicate that you cannot/do not wish to proceed, no refund can be given. Counsellors will invariably try more than once to contact you and will leave a message if there is a message facility and you have agreed you are happy for us to do this.

If you're a charity, why do you charge?

每个涉及Centre tries to keep the cost of counselling as low as possible, but we do need to charge a fee for services in order to cover the cost of what we spend. Relate is a not for profit charity and the money that we charge goes straight back into providing the best service possible.

Are your services confidential?


When I search for my nearest Centre, names of individuals come up. Who are they?

上市的个人找到我最近的关联map are independent Relate Licensed Counsellors. They are counsellors who provide relationship counselling and other services independently from their own private practices. Licensed counsellors adhere to the professional standards laid down by the national Relate charity and are supervised by Relate approved personnel. PLEASE NOTE: these counsellors set their own fees for counselling.